Children's Parties  ...This is the main thing we do!

Our largest Party demographic is 3-5 year olds. This age group get so excited about the Fire Engine!

Big kids realy enjoy the Fire Engine too, but if you are not sure, show them the website and guage their reaction.

The usual party visit costs $300 

Just pay on the day .... Cash, Card, EFT on the day.

We do 2 loads of rides so that every one gets a turn. The drive around the local streets
is quite slow, and of course, we always travel with some Mums or Dads on board.

We will set up a group photo with the Fire Engine, and also do 'Firefighter drill' using water from the truck (great for photos).

We finish our visit by presenting the Birthday person as an 'Honorary Firefighter'. The certificate has a high quality photo of the 
Birthday child dressed in a child sized Fire Fighter Jacket.

(We supply an outfit for the special photo, if your Firefighter doesn't have their own)

Our vehicles are well maintained, licensed to carry passengers and are checked annually by the 
Department of Transport, and Kevin carries a valid Working with Children Card.

If you get a rainy day with fine breaks and intermittent rain, it won't make much difference. The hose activity can be done from under cover (car port/garage)
and the Fire Engine has rain covers. However if you get a day with steady or solid rain, a storm front or a day with a Road Weather Alert, we may not be able to go ahead.

For safety reasons the Fire Engine doesn't transport Children during stormy or bad weather. There is no penalty for cancelling due to bad weather.

If you require something different from our regular party format, feel free to discuss this with Kevin.

Mob: 0413 569 698   

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There are many more party photos on the Boys or Girls pages...  check them out while you are here! 


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