Fire Engine Fun - ELC, Kindy, Playgroup etc

Hello everyone, Kevin here...

Fire Engine Fun provides an exciting incursion full of adventure
. Fortunately we have seen a swing back to adventous play and activities. Through the medium of fun we give children new experiences that are big, exciting and grow confidence. The usual visit costs $300 and takes about an hour.

ELC, Daycare and Kindy

The target age group at ELC and Kindy begins at three years. I do an interactive story, a Firehose activity and Fire Engine rides. The ride is with carers of course. It is a slow drive down the street and back or around the block. The ride is the most fun part of the visit and I tend not to just do a static display with Story Time and Firehose, without including the rides in the incursion. I feel that to exclude the rides is to rob the children of an extraordinary experience.


Playgroups are less formal, they are similar to my party routine because the parents are present. Just like at a party, toddlers and babies sit on parent's laps during a ride, while the older children sit alonside the adults. (I don't know who enjoys it more... the Mums or the children).


The Fire Engine is a well maintained Retired Fire Engine that is licenced to carry passengers. It is inspected annually by the
Department of Transport to ensure it is safe for passengers and fully roadworthy. Kevin also carries the required Working with Children Card.

A Safety Methods information sheet is available if you need help with your risk assessment.

Fire Engine Fun has visited literally hundreds of Schools, Play Groups, Day Care Centres, Out of School Care venues and Kindy's over the years. We have a great reputation for providing a safe fun incursion.

Call or text Kevin on 0413 569 698 and he will interact on Email after your initial enquiry.

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